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Shay, THANK YOU! You have taken a valuable purse and wallet that had seen average use by my wife Michelle and you have restored it to brand new condition! You girls use lotion on your hands and it quickly turns new leather dirty. Your work in restoring these leather items to like-new condition is spectacular and beautiful. You displayed your love, your heart, and your compassion to me in your work on these items. You are amazing. I would refer anybody’s most expensive leather items to your trusted care.

Brian L. Fox

My girlfriend was heartbroken when she finally decided to throw away her Juicy Couture purse during our spring cleaning because the purse was worn out, discolored, and falling apart. Before taking out the trash, I hid the purse under my shirt and decided to restore it somewhere and surprise her with the restored purse for Christmas.

I Google searched for days, asking around for restoration services, and to my disappointment, found that nobody could restore the purse because it wasn’t leather, or for other various reasons.

Finally, I found Shay’s. Without even talking about price, Shay was willing to ask me questions about what I wanted, took a look at photos I texted her, and responded very quickly with her input. She genuinely cared about the attachment that people have to certain personal property and understands the importance of “getting it right.” That meant a lot to me because I did not want to entrust the purse to just anybody. Moreover, her commitment to the customer is outstanding and an exemplary model of what 5-Star service should be.

If you are reading these testimonials because you are on the fence whether to use her services, I am highly recommending that you jump on the side of calling her. You will not be disappointed and will be treated very well.

P.S. I will submit a second testimonial after my girlfriend opens her restored purse as her Christmas gift. Stay tuned!

Danny – Orange County, California

Shay did an AMAZING job bringing my favorite red Kate Spade back to life!! I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. I had done my homework and checked out her website and all that but, still, I was sending my purses to a stranger!!

Shay text me when she received my purse, told me what she thought needed to be done, and within a week it was ready to be sent back! The liner was dirty, so was the handle and the red was a little faded…It came back like brand new!!

Thank you so much Shay, you are the purse guru! All forgotten, but loved handbags should come to see you and get the new lease on life that mine did. It’s happily gracing my shoulder again getting many compliments

Thank You – Maggie

I searched everywhere in Texas for anyone to clean my YSL Muse handbag. It was in pretty awful shape.

Color was faded…scratches and the inside was pretty gross…. let’s just say I used the bag a lot. And of course, no one in Texas would touch the bag for fear of ruining it. So I searched the web and came across Shay’s website and read her testimonials and everyone seemed pleased so I thought, what the heck I will give a try. I called her and she was so pleasant to talk and sweet.

I sent her pictures of my bag and she was able to tell me what she could do. So I sent the bag to her (crossing my fingers) not knowing if I made a huge mistake.

Shay and I communicated throughout the process. And she reassured me that she could restore the bag. RESTORE… I thought.. noway that bag will ever look new again.

A couple of weeks later. I got my bag back and WOW….I was blown away!!! I was just as excited and giddy as the day I purchased it!!! My YSL was a brand new bag!!! I had to call Shay up and thank her for the FABULOUS JOB!!! She is a true professional! And you can see she takes pride in her work! I’m telling all my girlfriends about her!

Shay you have a customer for LIFE!

God bless you and I hope the best for you and your business!

Diana – Helotes Texas

Shay did an extraordinary job and a heavily soiled Coach bag..her price was better than any competitor and was so happy with her work…she takes pride in her work

Tricia – Bayshore, NY

Thank you so very much for the outstanding job of cleaning my Coach bag. It was returned to me in “like new” condition, thanks to your amazing ability to remove stains, scuff marks and soil. I am so happy with my restored favorite purse. I appreciate your having enclosed your business cards. I will pass on to others the value of your workmanship. Thank you again for your help.

Carol Thomas

I’m so glad that my friend Cris told me about Shay’s magic. I brought her a handbag that my daughter had totally ruined and it looked like the dirt was embedded. Shay was able to make it as good as new and she even changed the hardware on it…..

Stacy – Encino, CA

This is a wonderful person who does miracles with your purses. I sent her two vintage Coaches….one I truly thought was hopeless…red leather and very worn looking in places…..they both came back absolutely beautiful. The red was just like new….both belonged to my deceased mother and had lots of wear…I now can wear both proudly and they look FANTASTIC… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Shay for any needs you might have with your cherished purses. She is absolutely a dream come true! when you need this kind of service….

Carole Lomerson – Prosper, TEXAS

You need a place to have your expensive purse cleaned? Take it to Shay’s and you won’t regret it.

Sandra Ayala

I met this beautiful sister in christ by divine intervention. my husband just bought me a beautiful Vutton bag valued at $2,000 and stained it the first day. A business acquaintance, suggested I try shay, I can not tell you how scared I was, but my spirit told me to take a chance, her work is simply amazing. You cant tell where I stained it… I highly recommend her services.

Crystal Sherman

I have 3 Coach handbags that are at least 20+ years old. I had carried them on and off and then, upon moving, had them in storage for over 5 years. Needless to say, they had not been “maintained” properly. I gave them to Shay and the look on her face was priceless. It was a mix of “you gotta be kidding me” and “what have I gotten myself into.” But both she and I could not be more pleased with the outcome. She did a TREMENDOUS job of restoring the bags. They look like new and I get numerous compliments on them. Shay is a real pro!

Connie LaMonica

I have a nice black leather wallet that I’ve owned since I was 18 and after 10 years, I didn’t want to get rid of it because it was pretty soiled and lack-luster. I discovered this service and gave it a try and my wallet is now super clean and looks awesome. I’m so happy I didn’t have to pay for a new wallet. Great job!

Khashi – Torrance

I was very impressed with Shay’s exceptional customer service and awesome job with my Patent leather handbag. She made my bag look like new! The job was also completed faster than expected. I highly recommend Shay’s Purse Cleaning.

Yvonne – Los Angeles

“My two favorite purses are white leather and were so dirty they were almost grey. I had been embarrassed to even use them for a couple of months, and finally found Shay’s service online. In just a couple days she had thoroughly cleaned them inside and out and dyed them back to their original condition. It was quite a transformation. She also charged me far less then several shoe repair/dry cleaning shops had quoted me, and was a wonderful personality to deal with. I really can’t recommend her highly enough and will definitely be going back. Thank you Shay!”

Elle, West Hollywood

I recently had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Shay’s Purse Cleaning services. Imagine to my surprise when not only was the customer service outstanding, but the purse cleaning service was exceptional. I pay a lot of money for my handbags and have always taken them to the cleaners for cleaning not caring about the cost.

A friend of mine said I was spending too much money on cleaning and the quality was not good. In the past, I was happy with the results of the cleaners, but I never realized how dirty the purse still was. That is until I had Shay clean my purses. I am so impressed. It looked like I just bought the purse.

I reluctantly gave her two purses to clean (one cloth – Louis Vuitton and one leather – Hermes). When I went to Shay’s shop I was surprised at the attention she gave to each customer, the service was exceptional. I thought perhaps that since the service was so great the workmanship would be poor, but I was truly shocked. When I picked up my purses 2 days later, not only were they ready for me when I got there, but they looked like I just bought them! And the price is even better at Shay’s then the cleaners… Who would have thought! I surely didn’t, when I was told about Shay’s urse Cleaning. But now I am sold… I plan on telling everyone… This is the best place in town… the customer service is great and the quality of work, well let’s just say she got my business from now on…

Fantastic job!!!

Thanks Shay for the great job and the excellent service… I am going to recommend you to everyone…

Dr. Alice Hines, OD

My name is De-De I have many handbags, many are very expensive and I would not trust any one else but Shay and her products to be used on them.

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